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FileMaker Training Schedule

“The information and skills acquired from Neo Code’s instruction and mentorship will greatly help me achieve my FileMaker development goals.  I recommend Neo Code’s instruction for anyone starting their own FileMaker custom app.  With our ongoing mentoring sessions, I am building the solution I need to meet the challenges in my business.”

Mike Krabbendam, Mak Electrical

How to register

To register for any of our classes pleases email For any questions about the classes please email

Introduction to FileMaker Custom Apps

An introduction to FileMaker and the world of custom apps.  The morning section surveys the custom application landscape and helps industry innovators choose the right product(s) so they can leverage their professional expertise.  In the afternoon, we review FileMaker’s development resources, discuss the pros and cons of using a professional developer, and explore how FileMaker’s built in tools can reduce development time/cost.
Audience All levels
Dates 2017/11/27, 2018/01/15
Duration 1 day
Cost $1000 for first student, $500 for additional students
  “I have been working with the Neo Code Filemaker Mentorship program  for the last two years.  I started as a raw rookie developer and the combination of instruction and development work by my mentor, combined with my own  development work has allowed me to realize the complete FIlemaker Solution my organization has required.  Our solution is continuing to advance and I am confident that my own growth as a developer will continue as the solution evolves.”

Dr. Neil Cooper, Dreams Take Flight Calgary

FileMaker by the Book

This 3 day intensive class covers all the material in the FileMaker Certification Study Guide.   It is an intense program for developers familiar with FileMaker development that want to make they have covered all the bases and are interested in learning more about the best rapid application development platform.
Audience Intermediate
Dates 2017/11/21 – 23, 2018/02/06 – 08
Duration 3 days
Cost $3000 for first student, $1500 for additional students

Bulletproof FileMaker: Secure, Stable, and Scalable.

Designed for developers of mission-critical applications, this course inventories the professional secrets and best-practises necessary to give your FileMaker custom app a long, healthy life.   The course discusses real-world pitfalls and how they could have been avoided.  Not for the faint-hearted!

Audience Advanced
Dates 2018/02/02, 2019/02/01
Duration 1 day
Cost $1000 for first student, $500 for additional students

Peer Group and Roundtable for Entrepreneurs

This is your call to join a group of amazing entrepreneurs using FileMaker to innovate and disrupt in their industries. Learn to grow your solution, make connections, and get inspired!  Sessions start with a member showcasing their FileMaker custom application, followed by a mediated discussion of successes and challenges.  In the second half, the group chair presents a section from the FileMaker Certification Study Guide.

Audience Intermediate
Dates The first Thursday of the month
Duration 4 hours per month
Cost $800/month per executive developer, or $5,000/year


Class size: Class size is limited to 4 learners.
Breaks: All full day classes are 7 hours long with 2 15 breaks and 1 30 minute lunch break.
Payment: Prepayment is required for all classes.
Refunds: Our cancellation policy requires 14 days before the class date to get a full refund. After that a 50% refund is available. If 48 hours or less notice it our policy not to provide refunds.

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